Ninda Oksigen

Leveraging Google Ads to Dominate the Oxygen Tank Market


Ninda Oksigen is a trusted provider of medical oxygen tank rentals and accessories, including regulators and trolleys, to facilitate the use of oxygen tanks. With six years of experience in serving the medical oxygen needs of the community, Ninda oksigen stands as a reliable partner for individuals and healthcare facilities alike. Whether its refiling medical oxygen or providing high-quality oxygen tank rentals.

With the increasing amount of competitors in the region, Ninda Oksigen decided to leverage Google ads as a mean to reach more customer and stay ahead of competition.

50 %
Avg. Impression Share
450 %
Increase in Conversion
- 78 %
Decrease in CPA

The Plan

  • Develop a Google ads strategy for oxygen tank industry.
  • Conversion is recorded when button to contact on website is clicked.

Key to Success

  • Understanding the market behavior and needs for oxygen in the region.
  • Create a tailored ads for the campaign.
  • Target high intent keywords such as “health oxygen” “rent oxygen tank” “refill oxygen” etc.
  • Incorporate the keywords with high intent into the client’s website to increase probability of conversion.

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