Lukisan Bumi

Increasing Restaurant Visits at the Start of the Year


Lukisan Bumi is a restaurant located in the north part of Yogyakarta. The client is looking to stay ahead of their competition and ensure they are able to ride the holiday season effectively. They have already been using Facebook and Instagram ads in the past to drive foot traffic to their restaurant. However, their in-house team weren’t able to generate any results. Zharkwave suggested to create a google search campaign for their location on Google, which will boost their business on Google for certain keywords such as “restaurants nearby”, “Cafe nearby”, etc.

Decrease in Cost per Conversion
- 70.21 %
Increase in Direction to store MoM
30 %
Return on Ad Spent (ROAS)
750 %

The Plan

  • Launch a targeted Google Search campaign for client’s Google Map location
  • Develop a Google Map ads strategy for FNB business located in Yogyakarta.
  • Conversion is recorded when they call the business or start direction to the location.

Key to Success

  • Understanding the market behavior when it comes to FNB industry in Yogyakarta
  • Create a tailored and generic ads for the campaign.
  • Target high intent keywords such as “restaurant nearby” “family restaurant” “cafe nearby” etc.
  • Develop a 2 weeks ad copies and creative tailored for tourist coming to the city during the holiday.
  • The ability to target people near the restaurant and during opening hours of the restaurant.

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