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If you're similar to most users, you search on Google for companies that sell the products you are ready to purchase. But 75% of people don’t even click past the first page, so if your business isn’t in the top spot then you’re invisible to your customers. But your competitors aren’t.

You are probably familiar with the saying "content is king," and this saying holds especially true for Search Engine Optimization.

Just like a house relies on a strong foundation, an SEO Agency like Zharkwave is committed to assisting you in constructing a solid content strategy from scratch.


Our experts can grow your business with everything from competitive and trend-focused research to content creation and everything in between. 

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Your business needs more than a website. Drive organic traffic, increase leads, and build a solid reputation, all with the knowledge of an SEO agency.

We believe that our reputation as the best SEO agency is due to three main reasons:

Your business success is our primary concern.

Only the results and ROI your business get matters.

All-in-one SEO service for your business.

Your business needs more than a website. Drive organic traffic, increase leads, and build a solid reputation, all with the knowledge of an SEO agency.

If you own a business that offers services nationwide or locally —you need an SEO expert to help your business thrive.

At Zharkwave, we use proven technical SEO audit techniques to drive SEO success.

Our SEO strategy is designed to improve your domain authority, bring in more traffic, generate leads, and increase your conversion rate.

Our proven SEO strategy

There is no luck in every SEO campaign we run for our clients. To provide the highest standard of SEO services, we always follow the same steps, like this:

1. Audit

Our SEO specialists will audit your entire business website to identify areas for improvement and better understand your current SEO position.

2. Error Fixing

We will fix all technical errors such as slow websites, duplicate content, links that cannot be opened, etc.

3. Keyword Research

We will start keyword research to identify every search term we want to target to give your business the best SEO results.

4. Content Optimization

With the help of keyword research, our website content specialists will review and optimize each existing content in line with your business SEO campaign.

5. Content Creation

Our content writers will start writing and publishing new, high-quality content for your business website.

6. Backlink Building

During the second month of your SEO campaign (and every month thereafter), our SEO team will start building quality links from other sites to your business website.

7. Monthly Report

At the end of each month, we will send a monthly report directly to your email/whatsapp. The report will show the increase in traffic, keyword development, and other relevant information.

8. Internal Analysis

After submitting the monthly report, we will do an internal analysis of your business SEO to see what we can do better next month to deliver better results. Then we'll get to work again.

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The 2023 SEO Marketing Guide

In today’s fast-moving digital world, where businesses are competing online for attention, one thing stands out: the importance of SEO. It’s not just a quick fix; it’s a long-term strategy that can take your business to new levels. Let’s dive in and discover how SEO can boost your brand and help you rule your industry by achieving lasting results.

SEO & Google FAQ

SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is the process of optimizing your website to be on page 1 of Google. Since every business operates in a different environment, the process of doing SEO for a website always requires a customized strategy.

Over time, as your website starts to rank higher for target keywords, you will see an increase in traffic. Some of this new organic traffic will turn into customers, which will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The SEO process is organic, so we will let Google know that our website contains information that people often search for.

It's also worth mentioning that progress in SEO is incremental. This means that at first, you probably won't see any noticeable results. But once the results of our SEO efforts start to show, you will start to understand how powerful SEO is and what it can do for your company in the long run.

The algorithms running on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are extremely complex. As a result, they consider thousands of ranking factors when deciding which websites deserve to move up or down on the platform compared to the competition. As such, there are several ranking factors that carry the most weight, including:

  • Your website's age, authority, and trustworthiness in the industry
  • How competitive your industry is
  • How competitive are the keywords we want to target
  • The quality and quantity of relevant content on your website
  • The quality and quantity of links pointing back to your domain

On average our clients start seeing improvements on Google between the third and sixth month. Depending on the ranking factors we've discussed above, your business will probably start seeing results sooner or later.

The answer lies in the question. A freelance SEO consultant will only advise you on what you need to do. In other words, they will give you the direction you need to follow but will not do the SEO work.

In contrast, when you work with an SEO agency like Zharkwave, we will handle the entire campaign for you. From creating a customized SEO strategy to writing new content, building new links, and resolving technical SEO errors - whatever it is, we'll handle it.

Using a reputable SEO agency is an easier, less stressful, and more time-saving way to do SEO. You outsource the entire campaign to an agency and reap the benefits of search engine optimization while being hands-off.

SEO is important because it improves your website's visibility and ranking on Google, attracts quality traffic, builds credibility, improves user experience, enables effective competition, and provides high ROI.

All keywords can be targeted for optimization except keywords that violate laws, rules, or norms.

Of course, we are happy to provide monthly SEO services. This is so that you don't feel burdened by a large investment at the beginning of the partnership.

No need to worry, if there is a significant development from the SEO efforts we do for your business, you can still pay the same fee regularly every month.

We can proudly say that our SEO Services have proven to be the best. Zharkwave's excellence lies in the combination of advanced SEO strategies, an experienced team of experts, and our dedication to deliver the best results for you.

With a focus on improving google rankings and online visibility, our services are supported by constant efforts to keep up with the latest developments in the world of SEO.

By choosing os as your SEO Agency, you can be sure of getting effective and sustainable solutions to improve your business's online performance.

As an SEO agency, we have deep experience in optimizing WordPress websites. However, it should be noted that our website optimization services are not limited to WordPress. We are also able to optimize websites with various platforms and CMS (Content Management System), ensuring that every business, regardless of platform, can achieve optimal online success.

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