Giorno's Pizzeria

Billboard campaign to increase foot traffic to restaurant


Giorno’s Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant located in one of the most crowded destination in Indonesia. The Italian restaurant was intent on bolstering foot traffic to their location. They partnered with Zharkwave with three goals using the billboard they wanted to create:

The Plan

Zharkwave strategy focused on leveraging billboard marketing and location awareness to bolster in-foot traffic to Giorno’s Pizzeria restaurant. By having a simple image of the location and how to reach the location from the billboard, we were able to leverage paserby and tourist that are not aware of the restaurant location, and how easy is it to reach.

To increase attractability, Zharkwave utilize Giorno’s Pizzeria menu pictures that are most suitable for the billboard. Other than that, we also use the front of the Italian restaurant, therefore the target audience understand they will expect a comfortable place for family dining at Giorno’s Pizzeria.

Untitled design (59)
Untitled design (60)

Key to Success

  • Understanding how people view and what they are looking from a billboard.
  • Create a tailored billboard with location and easy to understand.
  • The ability for people to easily understand the location of the restaurant after glancing at the billboard.

Final Result

Untitled design (61)

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